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Mission accomplished!


On April 26, 2007, 40 years after the Montréal metro first began operation for the Universal and International Exposition of 1967, the Laval metro extension was officially inaugurated with Québec Premier Jean Charest, Montréal mayor, Mr. Gérald Tremblay, and Laval mayor, Gilles Vaillancourt present. As the principal contractor of this large scale project – the biggest urban worksite Québec has seen in recent years – the AMT, represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joël Gauthier, officially handed the keys to the three new Laval stations to Mr. Claude Trudel, chairman of the board of directors of the STM, which operates the Montréal metro network.

On April 28, 2007, the three new metro stations in Laval opened their doors to the public two months ahead of schedule. During the two weekend open houses, approximately 150,000 people tried them out, which was a clear sign that this mode of transport was badly needed. After five years of intensive work, it was time for a toast to success.

The project, which started in March 2002, was completed on time and within budget. The opening date was two months ahead of the initial schedule, which called for the metro to be opened in July 2007. The total cost of the project came to $745 M, representing savings of $58.6 M versus the approved $803.6 M budget. That amount breaks down to $143.2 M/km, which is 22% lower than the international average of $175 M/km for similar scale projects.


Thank you to all our partners and stakeholders who in their various ways, each contributed to the success of the Laval metro extension project.


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