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Agence métropolitaine de transport



Our vision for the future: ensure the quality of life for residents and the economic development of the region. Our solutions: move forward in developing efficient and structuring public transport.


Our projects are guided by the growing travel needs of the populations of the Greater Montreal region. We strive to visualize the territory as a whole in order to offer transport alternatives for each of its corridors. We are dedicating resources to facilitate movement of people within the entire metropolitan network through a better integration of services.


Each initiative is implemented within a global vision of development of the greater metropolitan region. All these initiatives require significant investments as well as concrete support from all public transport stakeholders. The AMT will be investing $1.25 billion in the development of the network over the next three years.


Our studies allow us to anticipate the actions to be taken. They allow us to see that we need to move forward, and to join those building the future of Montréal, the sixth largest region in North America in terms of passenger railway transport.


Dynamic metropolis Worker mobility

Map of AMT territory - sm  

Map of AMT territory


Three-year capital expenditures plan  

Each year, we publish an updated version of our ongoing projects as well as those that are under study or that are eligible for subsidies.

PTI 2011-2012-2013 

PTI 2013-2014-2015 (8 Mo)

Strategic plans  

They are regularly updated to reflect demographic and economic changes as well as the evolution of the mobility of persons in the Montréal metropolitan region.