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Since 1996, in keeping with our responsibility for planning mass transit in the Montréal metropolitan region, we have dedicated ourselves to facilitating people's mobility throughout the metropolitan territory through greater integration of services.


We are formulating a vision of the future of mobility in the region by analyzing demographic and socioeconomic trends and taking into account new customer needs. That way, we are thus able to face the challenges brought about by changes in tenure on the territory and sustainable development. Though our endeavours and our actions, we are building a truly structuring mass transit network.


Partnership Office on Preparatory Measures for the Replacement of the Champlain Bridge – Update of LRT Studies

  • amt.qc.ca/pontchamplain 
  • The Champlain Bridge, a major corridor accommodating 200,000 commuters daily, including over 40,000 by public transit, is about to reach its useful life.
  • The AMT is participating in the committee to update public transit studies on the A-10/downtown corridor. The goal of these studies is to evaluate all of the public transit options on the new Champlain Bridge, in anticipation of projected traffic and capacity, among other factors.


Maintenance Centres (Pointe St-Charles and Lachine)

  • amt.qc.ca/projets/centres_entretien.aspx 
  • This work will enable the construction of modern facilities for train repair and maintenance.
  • The contract for the Lachine maintenance centre has been granted and construction should be completed in the fall of 2013. Business documents are currently being prepared for the Pointe St-Charles maintenance centre.



  • The project consists in implementing permanent dedicated bus lanes on Pie-IX Boulevard, between Laval and Montreal. This bus rapid service will accommodate up to 70,000 commuters daily and offer secure, rapid and reliable connections between the North Shore and downtown Montreal.
  • An urban redevelopment study was presented to the city of Montreal last February. Meetings with concerned boroughs are underway in order to validate the final design concept before proceeding to the final design documents. As for the Laval section of the project, the final design documents have been completed. The AMT plans to hold information meetings and public consultations in the concerned boroughs between the design phase and the plans and specifications phase.


Train de l'Est

  • amt.qc.ca/tde 
  • The Train de l’Est project is a new commuter train line aimed at meeting the public transit demand in eastern Montreal and the north-east ring of the metropolitan region. This line will connect Montreal to Mascouche.
  • Construction work is underway and the Train de l’Est’s entry into service is expected for 2014.


Train de l'Ouest

  • amt.qc.ca/tdo 
  • The project will offer additional service on the Vaudreuil-Hudson commuter train line by increasing the number of departures.
  • Preparatory and preliminary layout studies to confirm prefeasibility as well as a land surveying mandate are underway. The studies should be tabled in 2013.




Programme triennal d'immobilisations - 2014-2015-2016 - The PDF will open in a new window
Programme triennal d'immobilisations 2014-2015-2016 
(In French - PDF - 7 Mo)

Our accomplishments since 1996
train network
1996 2008 2012
Train lines 2 5 5
Stations 30 51 51
Ridership 6.9 M 15.7 M 17.4 M
Park-and-ride lots 22 39 38
Seats 6 068 15 002 18 176
Ridership - 2.9 M 3.5 M
Metropolitan transport network-bus   1997 2009 2012
Metropolitan express - 1 1
Ridership - 1.6 M 1.6 M
Reserved lanes 9 (41.2 km) 31 (85.2 km) 31 (86.2 km)
Ridership 16.0 M - 25.6 M
Terminal 6 15 16
Ridership 40.7 M 71.2 M 72.8 M
Park-and-ride lots 11 22 25
Seats 4 600 12 763 14 454
Ridership 0.6 M 2.6 M 2.8 M