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Does an employer need to make an additional financial contribution to the program in order to participate?

  • No. However, the AMT encourages employers to supplement the monthly discount offered by the AMT and its partners. The provincial government offers certain tax deductions.
  • If employers choose to contribute to the program financially, they may adjust the amount of their contribution at any time within the established dates.

What kind of discount will employees receive?

  • The AMT and its partners automatically offer a monthly 8.33% discount.
  • This discount is applied monthly to the fare of the selected transit pass.
  • The employer may supplement this discount and modify it at any time.

Are employers and employees eligible for tax credits or deductions?

  • Yes.
  • Employers that provide a mass transit pass to their employees or who reimburse the cost of the pass are entitled to deduct 100% of the expense from their business income, according to Revenu Québec regulations.
  • Employees are eligible for a tax credit from Revenue Canada. When an employer supplements the AMT discount, the amount absorbed by the employer is not taxable by Revenu Québec.

How can employers become a member of the OPUS+ Enterprise program?

  • Employers must complete the online membership form and provide, among other things, the following information:
    • Contact information
    • Name of contact person
    • Indicate if they wish to supplement the AMT discount
    • Sign the OPUS+ Enterprise employer agreement and send it to the AMT.
  • Employers should then allow five business days for their account to be activated.
  • Employers will then receive an identification code to distribute to their employees, who will fill out their own membership applications in turn.
  • Employers must then validate employee membership requests. Employees may subscribe directly through the AMT Website. There will be no contractual obligation between employers and employees.
  • Employers may access their account online at any time to track the number of subscribed employees, the total payable each month, etc.
  • Employers may contact AMT Customer Service at any time for personalized support throughout the length of the membership (514-287-8726).

What payment methods are accepted?

Employers may choose from the following three payment methods:

  • Automatic debit from bank account
  • Automatic charge to credit card
  • Invoice

Payments will be processed automatically between the 20th and 25th day of each month.

For more information

  • Please call the AMT at 514-287-8726.




OPUS+ entERprise
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