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OPUS+ is a membership to transit passes that remains valid for an indefinite period. It lets your travel with an OPUS card and gives you an entire range of benefits.


Once you subscribe, your card will be delivered to you at home, and it will be valid from the first day of your membership. You can pay for your monthly pass by credit card or automatic debit. Your OPUS card is therefore valid for the entire year, which means that you no longer need to wait in line every month to reload your card.

The OPUS+ membership gives you so much more! 


OPUS + represents... 

  • a membership in your public transit pass, valid all year long 
  • 12th month free 
  • a receipt for a federal income tax credit 
  • a replacement guarantee if your card is lost, stolen or damaged 

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  • You automatically receive the 12th month free with the purchase of 11 consecutive monthly fares, which represents 8.33% off on your monthly pass.
  • You will be sent a tax receipt for a federal income tax credit.
  • You automatically earn VIP status, which entitles you to priority offers and discounts offered by the AMT and its partners.


  • You can pay for your membership by credit card or through automatic debits.
  • You can ask the AMT to change your monthly pass and/or membership rate at any time by sending advance notice via telephone or e-mail. The AMT must receive the cancellation request on or before the 10th of the month preceding the end of the membership. For example, you could ask to have your Zone 1 TRAM card changed to a Zone 2, or a student fare changed to an adult one.
  • You can cancel your membership with a prior notice at any time by telephone or e mail. The AMT must receive the cancellation request on or before the 10th of the month preceding the end of the membership.


  • You benefit from the OPUS replacement guarantee in the event of loss, theft or damage according to your fare category’s stated terms and conditions.





The OPUS+ membership entitles you to load your card with public transit passes for travel on the AMT, STL, RTL, CIT Roussillon, CIT Le Richelain, CIT Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, CIT du Haut-Saint-Laurent, CIT Sorel-Varennes, URBIS, L’Assomption RCM, Ville de Sainte-Julie, CIT Laurentides and CIT du Sud-Ouest. Please consult the fare classification for the different transport organizing authorities. This will enable you to select the appropriate transit pass, as you may qualify for a reduced fare.

  For all persons not eligible for a privileged fare  REDUCED  STUDENT*  INTERMEDIATE* 
AMT TRAM and TRAIN **  16 to 64 6 to 17*, 65+ 18 to 25 -
RTL  16 to 64 6 to 17*, 65+ 18 to 25 -
STL  16 to 64 6 to 17*, 65+ 18 to 25 -
CITCRC  16 to 64 6 to 64*, 65 + - -
CITHSL 16 to 64 3 to 17 18 to 25 -
CIT LE RICHELAIN  16 to 64 6 to 64*, 65 + - -
CIT ROUSSILLON  16 to 64 6 to 64*, 65 + - -
CITSV  16 to 64 6 to 20*, 65+ - 21 to 64
URBIS 16 to 64 6 to 25*, 65+*** - -
MRC L’ASSOMPTION  16 to 64 6 to 25*, 65+**** - -
VILLE de SAINTE-JULIE  16 to 64 6 to 64*, 65+ - -
CITSO  16 to 64 6 to 64*, 65+ -
CITL  16 to 64 6 to 25* -

*The reference age is the age of October 31 of the current school year. Starting at age 16, users must prove their student status. A user who is age 16 or over as at October 31 of the current school year must be registered as full-time student, within the meaning of section 9 and the first paragraph of section 10 of the Act respecting financial assistance for education expenses (R.S.Q., c. A-13.3), at school or educational institution recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec. 
** Commuter trains are free for children between the ages of 6 and 11 (inclusively) when accompanied by an adult holding a valid transit pass or ticket.  
*** Free for residents of Mascouche and Terrebonne for commuting within MRC Les Moulins territory.  
**** Free of charge for residents of the municipalities of Charlemagne, L'Assomption, L'Épiphanie (town), L'Épiphanie (parish), Repentigny or Saint-Sulpice commuting on the territory of the MRC or its internal circuits, for example: Circuit 1, 2 (up to Lavaltrie), 6 (L'Épiphanie) and 7 (CHPLG), as well as 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16. Any commuting by adapted transport within the MRC's territory is also free of charge. On trips into Montreal or Joliette, users will additionally have to pay the reduced fare for the zone in question. 





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Please consult the rules of the AMT or the transport organizing authority governing the pass involved.


With OPUS+, no more waiting lines! 



The membership that gives you so much more! 


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