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FAQ - New AMT website

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  1. Why change the AMT website?

    It's a simple question of social equity. In 2011, the Conseil du Trésor tabled a directive that made certain web accessibility standards mandatory for government departments and agencies. This directive stipulates that a website must be designed to be viewed and understood by persons living with functional limitations, and that these persons may navigate it and interact with it easily. To comply with this directive, the AMT had to review all the content on its website, which was last redesigned in 2009.

  2. What does the new website offer compared to the old version?
    • An intermodal trip planner that covers Greater Montréal – See the tutorial
    • The possibility of customizing information based on your favourite trips and managing your online services with My AMT – See the tutorial
    • tool that proposes the most beneficial memberships, monthly passes and combinations of booklets or single tickets for each trip – See the tutorial
    • Continued service status for commuter trains, the metro and STL buses and the portion of the 90 Chevrier Express that runs on the reserved lane on the Champlain Bridge
    • A user-friendly and exhaustive Customer Service section that includes an FAQ section on the main topics in connection with AMT services
    • A regularly-updated News and events section where the latest AMT news posted
  3. Does the new website have the same functionalities as the former website?

    You will find the same functionalities on the new website. Here are a few quick links:

    • My profile and Train-Alert: if you are already registered to My profile, your profile and preferences have been migrated to My AMT
    • OPUS+ memberships: access the portal directly or sign up for My AMT
    • Customer notifications: visit the Customer Service section
    • Service status: get service status of commuter trains, the metro and STL buses in the Service status section
    • AMT Carpooling: find all the useful information in the Carpooling section
  4. What does the My AMT section consist of?

    Imagine: a personalized dashboard that contains all your transport preferences and allows you to access your favourite modes of transport, regular destinations, the status of the services you use most often and your Train-Alerts. That's exactly what you will get when you sign up for My AMT!

  5. What happens with the AMT's mobile site?

    The new AMT website is designed to adapt to the various device formats. As such, you can access the same information, regardless of whether you use a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. 

  6. Why aren't all schedules available in real time?

    For the time being, only the AMT and the Société de transport de Laval (STL) have the necessary equipment to provide information in real time. Service status is therefore available only for commuter trains, the portion of the 90 Chevrier Express route that runs on the reserved lane of the Champlain Bridge, and STL buses. The AMT will release real-time schedules of the other transit agencies as they become available.

  7. What do you mean by ''accessibility''?

    Accessibility means facilitating the use of the website for persons, regardless of whether or not they have a disability. As such, at every design and development phase, we took into account a multitude of types of functional limitations (visual, physical, auditory, cognitive or other). For example, the contrast of clickable elements was studied and the design of forms was adapted. The most relevant downloadable documents and the new documents destined for AMT customers will also be made accessible as soon as they are put online. However, some content cannot meet accessibility standards for functional of financial reasons. In these rare cases, an icon clearly indicates that the content or functionality may present certain difficulties. This includes the Train-Alert service and older PDF documents.

  8. How do you ensure that the website meets accessibility standards?

    From the design phase, the AMT involved members of the Comité de concertation du transport des personnes handicapées. We also called on the Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapées du Québec (COPHAN) to carry out the ergonomics tests while taking into account several types of functional limitations over the course of the development phase.

  9. Did the AMT involve its partners in the process?

    The AMT collaborates with a multitude of partners that are active in the transportation field: transit agencies – such as the CIT, the STM, the STL, the RTL –, as well as the City of Montréal, the MTQ, Communauto and BIXI. The collaboration of these partners allowed us to take advantage of a huge amount of planned and real-time data, in particular for the trip planner.