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On November 24, we’re switching over to the new!

A site inspired by you!

Icône du nouveau site Web de l'AMTOver the last few months, many of you have participated in the development of our new website by sending us your comments. We took heed of your feedback and improved several functionalities. We are proud to announce that your new will replace the former site as of November 24!

If you haven’t already, discover the new functionalities and get your bearings by checking out the site map.

Hint: Consider updating your preferences or bookmarks in your web browser!

Trip planner

Icône de l'outil de planification de trajet Get from point A to point B more easily

Plan your trips down to the last detail with our trip planner. Get from point A to point B easily and take advantage of all the modes of public transport at your disposal in Greater Montréal!


Icône de Mon AMT A made-to-measure site

Imagine: a personalized dashboard that contains all your transport preferences and gives you easy access to your favourite modes of transport, your frequent destinations, the status of the services you use regularly and your Train-Alerts. That's exactly what you'll get when you sign up to My AMT!

Find the right fare

Icône de l'outil pour trouver le meilleur tarif Always the best price

There are over 700 different types of fares to get around Greater Montréal. That's a lot! To help you find the right fare – at the best possible price – we created a new tool for you.

Inspired by you!

We totally redesigned our website! This redesign was necessary to comply with the highest accessibility standards, add practical new functionalities, improve user-friendliness and browsing ergonomics and make it easier to search for information. Simpler, more coherent and more accessible, the new website was launched in April 2014. One single objective guided us throughout the redesign process: to offer you the best possible experience!

The site features everything you need to get around Greater Montréal… whether you live in Saint-Jérôme or Sainte-Julie! And it's accessible using any kind of device.

About the new website

Got a question? We have the answers. Explore our FAQ section for more details on the new functionalities and the deployment process. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer service.