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Mont-Saint-Hilaire line stations

The revitalization of the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line facilities is almost complete! This line will thus soon have permanent infrastructures. The new facilities improve their communities and present interesting possibilities for the sustainable development of the cities in the Montérégie region. But most importantly, they add significant comfort for our users.

A long-term project

The revitalization of the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line stations was phased over many years. Here’s a recap of the events:

2007 – Saint-Lambert

2010 – Saint-Bruno

2011 – Saint-Basile-le-Grand

2012 – Mont-Saint-Hilaire and McMasterville

2013 – Longueuil‒Saint-Hubert

In every station, drainage, paving, landscaping, street furniture, accessibility and lighting work was performed to ensure better service and improve safety.

The new intermodal Longueuil-Saint-Hubert station

The most important project was no doubt the redevelopment of the Longueuil‒Saint-Hubert station! The work aimed to improve bus, pedestrian and bike access for all local users as well as to improve intermodality:

  • The temporary station was expanded and made permanent;
  • The new platforms, equipped with shelters and dynamic display screens, now accommodate 10 cars and one locomotive;
  • A pedestrian tunnel was dug under the tracks;
  • The platform is accessible from two parking lots via sidewalks and stairs;
  • Two station entrances with elevators are being installed;
  • Pedestrian crossings were installed;
  • The park-and-ride lots located on both sides of the road corridor were expanded and permanently developed.

Ridership is on the rise!

The development of stations and facilities on the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line is a true success: the number of customers on the line has greatly increased in the last few years, with a ridership increase of nearly 50% between 2006 and 2011. The number of trips in 2012 reached over 2.2 million.

The deployment of the new multi-level cars on the entire line in 2009 increased the commuter train capacity of the line by 25%.

The punctuality rate of this line was the best of the network in 2013.