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Privacy statement

Personal information

Personal information means any information about an identifiable individual in paper or electronic format.

Personal information collected or kept by the AMT is subject to the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A-2.1). All natural persons are entitled to access, and in some cases, rectify information on them held by the AMT. This information is kept for the period stipulated in the AMT's records retention schedule, established pursuant to the Archives Act (R.S.Q. c. A-21.1


Collection of personal information

The AMT collects personal information directly from you. Occasionally, through agreements with partners or suppliers or following the application of a law, some personal information may be collected by third parties and send to the AMT.

In order for the AMT to use your personal information, you have either consented:

  1. By implied agreement: you provide your personal information to obtain information. For example, through a telephone request or during registration to the Train-Alert service.
  2. By expressed consent: you provide your personal information in the framework of a request for products from the AMT. For example, for the purchase of a membership, you will have to provide your banking information.

You can choose not to provide personal information, unless if required by law or if the service offered by the AMT requires it, for example financial information during the purchase of a membership. Failure to provide your personal information may result in the AMT not being able to provide you the requested service.


Use of personal information

Your personal information will be used for intended purposes only, namely:

  • To answer customer requests
  • To ensure your participation in contests or promotions
  • To improve customer service
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements


Protection of personal information

The AMT undertakes to:

  • Collect, use and keep your personal information by virtue of the stated needs
  • Protect the confidentiality of personal information using security measures in accordance with good practice and in compliance with the law
  • Keep your personal information for the period required in connection with the services provided by the AMT and according to provisions of law
  • Make sure not to disclose your personal information to a third party, unless you consent to it or unless the AMT is legally required to do so
  • Grant you access to your personal information in compliance with the law
  • Not subscribe to the services of suppliers for the collection, management and use of your personal information unless said suppliers have the same commitments with respect to your privacy as the AMT


Information exchange when accessing the website

Whenever a user accesses this site, data are automatically exchanged between the user's computer and the AMT's computer system. These data include:

  • The Internet domain name
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • The browser type
  • The operating system of the computer being used to access the site
  • The access date and time
  • The pages read
  • The address of the referring Internet site, if applicable

This data exchange is indispensable as it enables the AMT server to transmit files that are compatible with the user's computer type. This data is stored in a log file and used to compile statistics and technical data regarding usage of the website. However, it does not allow personal identification of the user. The AMT does not try to establish the personal identity of the user, unless it detects a maneuver that is contrary to the Terms of use of this website.


Changes to the privacy statement

The AMT reserves the right to modify or review its privacy statement at any time, for any reason or when required by law. The AMT invites users to visit this page periodically to stay informed of updates.