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Other carpooling services

In addition to the free AMT Carpooling service, other online pairing initiatives are available in Greater Montréal.

Netlift: door-to-door carpooling service

Netlift is an online and mobile application that connects passengers and drivers looking to carpool. Netlift offers an advantageous pricing model based on offer and demand:

  • The driver offers a ride and the passenger proposes an amount he or she deems appropriate 
  • The driver who accepts the passenger receives 70 to 85% of the amount offered, and the rest is retained to cover administrative fees

For more information, visit the Netlift website.

AmigoExpress: intercity carpooling

Unlike other carpooling services, AmigoExpress offers intercity trips in Canada and the United States. The idea is simple:

  • Drivers publish their ride offers on the site
  • Passengers consult the offers and reserve online or by telephone 
  • A $5 fee is charged for each reservation
  • Drivers and passengers are mutually notified of all details before the trip begins

For more information, visit the AmigoExpress website.