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Are you moving? There’s a train nearby to take you to work.

Vous déménagez? Pour aller au travail, il y a un train près de chez vous.

Moving into a new neighbourhood is great. A new home means a change in lifestyle and different transportation options.

Did you know that you can easily get to work by train? With six commuter train lines and 61 stations, it’s easy to get downtown quickly.

You want to drive to the station? No problem; parking is free. You prefer the bus? Several lines go to your station. Use the trip planner to find the station closest to where you live.

The train has many advantages

No more traffic jams. Don’t get stressed out driving to work; make better use of your commuting time. Start your workday before you even get downtown! Don’t feel like working? Listen to music, respond to emails, schedule appointments, read your book—you can do almost anything!

When you take the train, you’re choosing comfort, peace of mind and reliability. And if peace and quiet are what you need during your commute, sit in the Quiet Zone. From January to June 2016, the AMT trains’ punctuality rate (French only) was 96.2%; the AMT is keeping its promise and offers top-quality service.

The train is not your thing? We have other solutions. Public transit is a simple, economical and ecological way to get from one end of the Greater Montréal Area to the other. Choose one mode of transport or combine several—the possibilities are plentiful!

Discover the AMT's trains and its tools that help you plan your trips.


Tools to make getting around easier

Planificateur de trajet

Trip planner
Use the trip planner to determine the best public transit itineraries, and make your trips even easier by getting information on the fares you’ll need. Plan all your trips with this useful tool.  

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AMT Chrono

AMT Chrono
This mobile app tells you everything you need to know about train service status. AMT Chrono gives you all the information you need before and while you take the train. 

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Vous déménagez? Pour aller au travail, il y a un train près de chez vous.


Train Schedules

Deux-Montagnes Line

Vaudreuil–Hudson Line

Saint-Jérôme Line

Mont-Saint-Hilaire Line

Candiac Line

Mascouche Line


OPUS+ membership

Public transit membership comes with loads of benefits! With OPUS+ membership, your 12th month is free, and you get a receipt that entitles you to a federal tax credit. Also, you can pay for your membership by monthly direct debit, and use My AMT to make changes to your membership online.  


Change of address and membership modification

Do you already have a My AMT account and OPUS+ membership? Did you know you can change your address online? You can also easily make changes to your OPUS+ membership at any time.



Tips and tricks for an easier move  
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Forward your mail and your packages to make sure you receive everything.

Qui prévenir lors d'un changement d'adresse | Protégez-Vous (French only)
This handy checklist tells you whom to notify when you move.


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