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Whether by taxi, accessible taxi or minibus, para-transit is a public transport service for disabled persons and those with reduced mobility. It is provided on a door-to-door basis and functions by reservation. Plan your paratransit trips and learn more about the role of each player involved in this essential mission.

The AMT's role

We do not offer para-transit service as such, but we act as a central pillar for the Greater Montréal Area. Discover our unique role!

Contact information

Every transit agency manages para-transit services on its territory. Find the contact information for your service to plan your trips.

See the section Le rôle de l’AMT

See the section Les coordonnées des services

The AMT's metropolitan aid program

The AMT subsidizes local transit agencies to facilitate para-transit from one zone to another. See an overview of our program.

Metropolitan paratransit

How to get around by para-transit from one zone of Greater Montréal to another? Find out here.

See the section Le programme d’aide métropolitain de l’AMT

See the section Le transport adapté métropolitain

Accessibility Alert, Mascouche line

Stay informed in real time of the accessibility status of the Mascouche line facilities (elevators, accessible ramps of Montreal's Island stations). Plan your trips by subscribing online to our new alert service. (Form in French only)


See the section Le programme d’aide métropolitain de l’AMT