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Welcome to Montréal!

Getting around Greater Montréal by public transport plunges you into the heart of the city’s activities, thanks to commuter trains, the metro and buses that crisscross the region. It encompasses 83 municipalities and the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve on a vast territory served by 14 transit agencies. 250 million trips are made every year in Greater Montréal.


Public transport services
Efficiency, savings, freedom are all good reasons to take public transit! We offer several transport solutions at your service.

  • Train – With six commuter train lines and 51 stations, downtown is easily accessible from the various suburbs.

  • Metro – There are four metro lines with 68 stations in Greater Montréal. A whole underground world to discover!

  • Bus – Buses from 14 transit agencies crisscross the region. Several reserved lanes clear the path for buses during rush hour, thus reducing the stress of traffic jams.

    • 90 Chevrier Express - From Brossard to Montréal’s terminus Centre-ville in 20 minutes! Cross the Champlain Bridge in a flash during peak periods!
  • TerminalsCombine transit modes thanks to intermodal facilities and park-and-ride lots.


    Discover other ways to get around
    Cycling, car sharing, taxis: there are so many ways to get around town, and numerous initiatives and facilities help combine them efficiently. Find inspiration on our website!


    Technological information
    See how to take advantage of our mobile tools and optimize your trips in just a few clicks!


    Packages and tours of the city
    There are interesting packages to discover Montréal by public transit. For all the details and conditions, visit Tourisme Montréal.